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What I know for sure is that in the end, you don’t need anymore information. In the search for who/what you truly are, in terms of information, less is more. We are awash, drowning in, irrelevant information. If you want to off load some of that excess conceptualization, contact me at colette.kelso@gmail.com. There is always help for that.

However, if you need a face mask, coffee cup, bath mat, pillow…etc, please visit my Red Bubble store. I could use a few extra bucks to make it to the end of the month, and beyond. Or if you don’t need any of that, there’s always a donate button on the sidebar. I’ll be adding more artwork along the way.

Thank you for everything. All is well, of course. But sometimes you just need a little help, and you never know where it might come from. Again, thank you for everything, no matter what.


Nonduality and Neurographics


Neurographic “Difficult Emotion” Algorithm

Nonduality is either a conceptual framework overlaid upon reality–your reality, if it be personal–or not. For that matter, any concept is an overlay. There either is a conceptual framework, or not. Nonduality is like every other picture frame around which the world is viewed. It’s just a frame. Forget about the frame, forget about the picture, and become aware of the seeing itself, that which is devoid of, and comes before, any concept, interpretation, labeling, belief, opinion–or filter that creates an apparent segregation of seer and seen.

If the separation between seer and seen appears to still be there, what is interfering is a translating mechanism, a pattern of conditioning, still running the show. That subjective translation is reinforced, made more real-seeming, by an emotional response. The interpretation is what you think is happening, or being seen. The emotion is the concurrent response–to the interpretation that is an overlay on the seeing itself. And by seeing, again, I mean that which has no, and is prior to, any conceptual filter.

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