Be Amazed

aiesec-international-internships2You are creating a world.

Not the you that you think you were, are, or will be, but the One and Only You; The Creator and The Created.

There is the you that would call this moment-world boring, lovely, or tragic, just as this you seems to have a given name.

But this You who really is, is not only content, but quite amazed, that this world is being created.

And that Amazement is You.

Nameless and faceless You are the space which gives rise to everything that gets named.

You are the emptiness, the capacity that makes room for the world.

Be, and be overwhelmed with the wonder of it all.

Because You are all of it–the boring, the lovely, and the tragic.

When you name its parts–me, you, awful, wonderful–you separate them out, as if you could.

Only pretending, only always.

And so the drama goes. You who is Shakespeare writes the play.

You are the stage and the audience, the laughter and the tears.

You who is the Father/Mother does not play favorites.

Because You, this house of many mansions, holds it all, embraces everything, everyone, every moment-world.

Behold: Nothing is left out.

Love Awakens in Dreamtime

After a lifetime of searching, and innocently bestowing this unmitigated outpouring of awkward love onto endless shiny reflections and faint echos–all chimerical illusions, it can finally be seen that there is no separate object of affection. Thus there is a returning. It is not a narcissistic return, not back to myself, but a death to that self, and in that demise, comes a recollection of one’s true nature. Home; the ground of being where we truly belong, where we reside and abide, where we rest.

Love is not something to find, but to remember. And it is Love Itself that recalls, that rouses Itself awake and shakes off the timeless dream of loss and longing. Behold the sun on the horizon, and be reminded that the night is not long, and there was only ever dreamtime.