To A Friend


Shhh…now, Grasshopper. Be still for a moment.

If you let go of that question, that complaint, that frustration, that need, that anger, that belief/assumption—-its all mental, right? Let it all go by. And make no demands upon the bodily reactions to those mental instigations, just acknowledge how the body is playing its part in the scene building. If there is this pause, this intervention, two things can/will happen.

1) There is an awareness of life as it is. Ants are crawling with their loads; grasses are bending with the breeze; the sun is shining through the aspen leaves, all of it carrying on in compliance with life, this aliveness itself, without complaint. You are present for this silent show of aliveness, and it quiets the mental chatter. This, now.

2) Eventually you notice that the question, the complaint, the frustration, the need, and the anger—is gone, is not important. Transformed not by doing or solving, but in the moment, or two, of silent revery.

Even if you can’t “let it go,” it’s just there so let it be and look away, shift your attention to the quiet sunlight, the ants carrying, the grasses bending—and all the rest dissipates into that silent compliance, the play of light. And it’s now again.

Your problems and complaints are not important in this moment, but you can miss what is, or remember–when you look towards what is vital, this aliveness that is in you and everything else. This is what is urgent and most important to see. This is where to look, where to direct your attention.

Take a moment away from the punitive voice, the story, the narrative–and discover “something else” that is always here, obvious, and paramount.

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  1. Thank you! That was just so excellent. I am humbled that you took the time to write that. I have read it twice and will reread it again and again.

    And funnily, we were just talking about Grasshopper the other day when JW said to Kris, ‘Patience, young grasshopper’. Amazing — but not really.

    Much love, Danielle


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