Thinking Dialogues

1136926This page will be refreshed from time to time with discoveries and insights that relate to the Thinking Dialogues.

For now, here are some things we will be observing in regard to the mechanics of thought:

  • Realize that not reacting (no reaction) to a situation is always a viable option. We react without hesitation, and come up with opinions, judgments, unassailable positions leading to polarity, and such. Try non-reaction; doing nothing. Reaction=thought + physiological affirmation.
  • Realize that you are always making decisions and forming assumptions and conclusions from the known. Yet the unknown is everything else that may or may not happen, may or may not be an influence. Consider the limited nature of the options within your reality tunnel as opposed to all that is not known. Refuse, for a moment, to rely upon those limited options.
  • Realize that thoughts come to us in language, which is inherently dualistic—subject/object, action verb, past/present/future tense. Just the fact that they arise within the linguistic structure makes them suspect from the get-go. You can’t have a non-dual thought. In fact,the idea of a separate self is a linguistic construction, seemingly fortified by physiological reactions to that isolated, and thus apparently vulnerable, construct.
  • Realize that the body responds to an insult in the same way the body responds to an actual physical threat. This is old-brain, incoherent thinking. The insult threatens merely an idea we have of ourselves (belief, thought). Whereas the response to the threat of physical harm is the body’s natural response to immobilize for survival and well-being. It makes no sense to react to words as if they were sticks and stones.

If you wish to join the Thought Dialogues, or want more information, please click here, and/or contact me at Thank you.

Special nod of appreciation for some of the wordage to Steven Harrison. And, to David Bohm, whose book Thought As A System, is available as a free pdf here.

Beginning April 6th, the dialogues are being held on Mondays at 2 pm, and Wednesdays at 12:30 pm (MDT, Denver time). They run for an hour and a half, and the cost is $40 for 4 calls a month. You may also alter days according to your schedule. If interested, please register for the day you prefer at PayPal to, 2 days prior to start date. Thank you!

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