A Little Help

NeuroMoon Face Mashttps://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/Because-you-weren-t-born-this-way-by-colettekelso/51000256.9G0D8?asc=uk

What I know for sure is that in the end, you don’t need anymore information. In the search for who/what you truly are, in terms of information, less is more. We are awash, drowning in, irrelevant information. If you want to off load some of that excess conceptualization, contact me at colette.kelso@gmail.com. There is always help for that.

However, if you need a face mask, coffee cup, bath mat, pillow…etc, please visit my Red Bubble store. I could use a few extra bucks to make it to the end of the month, and beyond. Or if you don’t need any of that, there’s always a donate button on the sidebar. I’ll be adding more artwork along the way.

Thank you for everything. All is well, of course. But sometimes you just need a little help, and you never know where it might come from. Again, thank you for everything, no matter what.


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