Water Flows Downhill ~ All is Carried, Carved Away


Landscape ~ Melissa Farlow

It seems as simple as seemingly two concurrent and complementary processes: Unselfing and Recollecting Wholeness. Unselfing has to do with becoming aware of the mental mechanics that only appear to create a separate self,

and recollecting wholeness is becoming aware of what is, in the absence of that mechanism.

Thereby, unselfing facilitates and obviates the recollecting of wholeness; abiding as that wholeness, facilitates that unselfing, as an effortless and natural occurrence.

There’s no place for an objective state called enlightenment in that description. It’s irrelevant in the organic unfoldment of what is, or what isn’t.

Something falls away; something is thus rediscovered.

Erosion; emanation.

What remains after wind, water, and fire work their magic?

“The Great Way is not difficult,

for those who have no preferences.”

~ Hsin Hsin Ming, by Seng T’san

3 responses

  1. Beautiful – thank you Colette. It’s incredible how the imagination, over the millennia, has constructed such an edifice of ideas (attainment, enlightenment, purification, worthiness) around the utterly simple organic process of ‘something falling away and something thus rediscovered’. It seems that the trick is simply finding the right question at the outset: am I real? (Or perhaps allowing it to find us … )



  2. I think it is important to find your inner self. Check out Mary Reynolds Thompson’s latest book titled, “Embrace Your Inner Wild: 52 Reflections for an Eco-Centric World” http://maryreynoldsthompson.com/. Explorations after each chapter allow readers to discover their own pathway into the wisdom of the landscapes and what they mean for their own lives and aliveness.


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